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Community centers

LGBTI Community Center Skopje

The LGBTI Community Center in Skopje is a community center that operates within the headquarters of LGBTI UNITED, an association that works on strengthening and advocating for the LGBTI community. The center is open to guests from Wednesday to Saturday, with working hours from 12 pm to 8 pm. Additionally, every month the center publishes a monthly program with themed evenings for group activities that you are welcome to join. For more information, please contact us.

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Meeting of elderly
members of the
LGBTI community
Afternoon social games
Meeting of parents,
friends, and supporters
of the LGBTI community
Outdoor Activities

Pop-up community centers in other towns

One of the goals of LGBTI UNITED is to empower members of the LGBT+ community in Pelagonia, the southeastern and southwestern regions of the Republic of North Macedonia, by providing them with safe and secure spaces to meet and participate in activities focused on strategy, tactics, and education.

LGBT+ leaders from these regions, with support from LGBTI UNITED, are already organizing such pop-up community centers in spaces such as the offices of our partner organizations located in places like the cities of Bitola, Ohrid, and Strumica. Through this activity, we support LGBT+ leaders to continue organizing meetings for the LGBT+ community at least once a month in each of the three aforementioned regions.

The meetings consist of watching films, reading poetry, themed discussions, informal gatherings, socializing, picnics, and other social activities.


If you are an LGBT+ person from these regions, or a parent, friend, or supporter of the LGBT+ community, and you are interested in participating in these meetings, please write to us at the designated email address or call us at the phone number +389 75 356 063 to learn about the location and time of the meetings, as well as the program or planned activity on the day you wish to attend.

People from neighboring cities who are interested are also welcome to attend the gatherings, and travel expenses will be covered by LGBTI UNITED.