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About us

Freedom and diversity

We believe that every person should be able to enjoy their rights and freedoms, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This includes rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom from discrimination. We support national laws, international law, and ratified conventions that protect these rights and freedoms.

Openness and transparency

These values are at the core of our policies and work. We engage in strategic planning for LGBT+ causes with openness, consultation, and cooperation with the LGBT+ community. Our advocacy and actions are characterized by full transparency to stakeholders and the general public, and we work to promote equality, visibility, and acceptance for the LGBT+ community through education, outreach, and policy change.

Leadership and partnership

LGBTI UNITED has taken a leadership role in the mission to achieve equality for all, with a focus on the LGBT+ community. We are a reliable partner of the LGBT+ community and organizations and countries around the world recognize our achievements and value our contributions.

A few words about us

LGBTI UNITED is a non-governmental, non-profit, and multiethnic organization, which has members of different sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Our goals, among others, are: protection, promotion, and respect for human rights and freedoms, with a special focus on the human rights and freedoms of LGBT+ people; ensuring equal access to healthcare and other essential social and legal services; and working towards achieving equality and inclusion of LGBT+ people in all spheres of life by creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that nurtures and encourages diversity.
Photo: Freepik
Photo: Freepik

Our focus

LGBTI UNITED works to strengthen the LGBT+ community, promote awareness of human rights and freedoms, as well as sexual and gender diversity. We combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and advocate for the advancement of national laws and policies to achieve full equality for LGBT+ people. Additionally, we strive to improve the sexual health of the LGBT+ population through preventive programs for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
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