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A Brief Overview of LGBTI United: Eleven Years of Persistence and Dedication to Equality

Founded on May 16, 2012, in Tetovo by five individuals from the LGBTI community representing different ethnic backgrounds, the organization “LGBTI United” is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. Although its beginnings were filled with numerous challenges, problems, and pressures, the organization’s founders remained committed to their cause, determined to bring about positive change for LGBTI individuals in our patriarchal and conservative society.

During its initial two years, without a physical office, LGBTI United focused on grassroots actions. In 2014, the first office was established in Tetovo, which later expanded into a day center—a safe space where members of the LGBTI community from Tetovo and the surrounding areas could authentically express themselves, openly articulate their needs and interests, and enjoy informal social interactions.

LGBTI United operated in Tetovo until mid-2022 when, due to numerous threats to the lives of its staff, it relocated its operations to Skopje. Notably, it became the first civil organization outside Skopje advocating for the advancement of LGBTI people’s rights and positions.

Over the years, LGBTI United has organized several public events in Tetovo and other cities across North Macedonia, gaining recognition for effectively mobilizing support to provide financial and other assistance to vulnerable individuals within the LGBTI community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, based in Skopje, where the center of the LGBTI community is located, LGBTI United continues to play a significant role in society. The organization organizes various activities to empower the LGBTI community and actively engage them in processes aimed at achieving equality and equal rights for all LGBTI individuals.