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Malta, Canada, and Switzerland are the most LGBTI+ friendly travel destinations

The latest edition of the SPARTACUS GAY TRAVEL INDEX provides an overview of the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI+) people in 203 different countries and regions. This year, Malta claimed the top spot, followed by Canada and Switzerland, which tied for second place. North Macedonia ranked 70th.

Unfortunately, there are still many places in the world where LGBTI+ people must fear for their happiness and safety. Due to the sometimes wide differences in the world, it can happen that holidaymakers endanger themselves simply by unwise behaviour. In order to support the safety of gay tourists worldwide, Spartacus publishes the Gay Travel Index. It serves as a first guideline – you can find more detailed information about your travel destinations on their website and blog.

Malta was able to qualify for the top spot on its own for the first time. This Mediterranean island state improved once again in its recognition of gender identity and is this year’s host of EuroPride.

Germany improved its overall ranking by one point thanks to legal improvements for intersex persons in 2021, allowing legal protection of their rights to physical integrity and bodily autonomy, and now ranks ninth in the index along with Iceland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Switzerland is the big winner. This country made the biggest leap this year, from seven to twelve points and thus to second place, thanks in part to legislation providing for same-sex marriage and a progressive self-determination law.

Kosovo is the lowest-ranked Balkan country, at 84th place, while Greece and Slovenia are the highest-ranked at 35th place. Croatia is in 48th place, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are at 56th place, Albania and Serbia are at 62nd place, and North Macedonia and Bulgaria are tied for 70th place.

We recommend that you first inform yourself about the situation with LGBTI+ people in your desired travel destination before making any arrangements. You can download the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2023 here, while the interactive comparative overview of the world map is available by clicking here.